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Risk Manager vs sommelier

April 20, 2017

 Risk Manager vs Sommelier

Intelligence operative. Sommelier. Paranormal investigator. Movie critic. Theme park designer. Treasure hunter. Risk management professional. 

Yes, that last thing IS like the others. You don’t have to take our word for it. This is from a recent University of Southern California news item:

So you want a job that’s fast-paced and interesting, with duties and challenges that change with the day. You want a job with great mentors and plenty of potential for career growth. Of course you want decent pay. Most of all, you want to feel like what you do is useful, maybe even world-changing.

You’re probably not thinking about insurance or risk management. But you should be.

You hear that? Risk managers are the whale veterinarians of 2017.

USC’s Marshall School of Business is so convinced of this, they’re creating a new set of classes, and ultimately a formal program of study, to introduce students to the field. You can read more about this, and about all the genuinely interesting opportunities and frontiers in risk management, right here. (UCLA fans, don’t turn up your noses. This is too important.)

And if you’re interested in a risk management career with Ashton Tiffany (let’s be realistic; that Master Sommelier exam isn’t going to pass itself), check out the current options here.

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