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The Moonshot of Risk Management Specialties

March 30, 2017

Health care. It’s complicated. Béarnaise sauce complicated. London city grid complicated. Joey on “Dawson’s Creek” complicated.

For something like health care, you need a Tanya Edwards. Fortunately, we’ve got one:

Tanya Edwards

As you might imagine, Tanya’s mind is fertile, nimble, dexterous, capacious. And her life is full, mysterious, joyous, even dangerous.

Don’t believe it? Just start a conversation with her. It’s like dropping a ball in the top of a Pachinko machine...the trajectory, the pacing, the terminal destination—they’re all totally unpredictable. So you better know the behavioral sciences, physical fitness, tacos, home hiccup remedies, rattlesnakes, Bora Bora, snowboarding, wine, skydiving, politics, scrimshaw, palindromes, the Scorsese oeuvre, Mayan culture, sonar, numismatics...and health care.

Yes, back to health care; it’s the reason she’s here, but we’re getting so much more than that.

Welcome, Tanya!