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January 11, 2017

Until recently, we never had occasion to consider whether there might be more than one Knoxville. There’s the one in Tennessee, of course...and really, do you need more than that? We wouldn’t have thought so.

But then Adam Trotter joined us as a claims adjuster, and we started seeing things differently. Because he’s different.

For starters, he says he’s from Knoxville...Illinois. Which, apparently, exists.

Next, he tells us that he got his undergraduate degree in kinesiology. Our response: “Oh, that’s really...uh, good, for can do a lot with that...” And we just kept nodding, as if we knew what kinesiology was.

Then he claims to have eaten the parts of a bull that are typically used to—how to put this delicately?—make additional bulls, if you get our meaning.

Finally, he says his dream vacation is to visit the Bowling Hall of Fame.

In St. Louis.

Which is in Missouri.

See? This is a guy who keeps you guessing. And that makes work interesting, which is mission-critical around here.

Welcome, Adam.

(We’re going to post a picture below, but first, get an image in your head—an image that matches the description of the guy above. Okay, you got it? Now look!)

Adam Trotter