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Schuler, Indeed

August 14, 2017

Our new member services coordinator, Jessica Schuler, majored in tourism development management at ASU. This got us wondering: Is she trained to manage tourism development? To develop tourism management? To tour management developments?

Whatever the case, we know she can handle it, because she’s a Schuler, and that means “student” in German. She’s a born learner.

She’s got some things to learn around here, being a newbie and all. So, while she’s off getting quizzed on common acronyms (AASBO, SCIP) and initialisms (ASA, ADE), we’ll focus on the things she’d like you to know about her: 

  • She likes to eat eclectically: Italian one day, tacos the next, sushi for a snack, chicken feet anytime.
  • Her favorite band is My Morning Jacket (in my day, it was all Guy Lumbardo and Glen that was music).
  • When she’s got down time, she gets a “Cool Runnings” motif her head, anyway, as she dreams of both snowboarding and Tahiti.

Finally, she digs yoga, so we thought we’d send her off to her next workout with this joke:

Why doesn’t the yogi vacuum in the corner?

Because he has no attachments.