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Our Sights are Set on a Minimum Eight-Peat

July 17, 2017

Are Ashton Tiffany’s workplace practices commendable? They have been commended by people who don’t take the commendation of workplace practices lightly. Are our employees engaged and satisfied? They make Danish veterinarians look like Afghan roofers.

So, what do you get when you combine exceptional workplace practices with productive, happy employees? You get to call yourself one of AZ Central's Top Companies to Work for in Arizona. (In our case, for three years in a row!)

You can read the full scoop here, but we’ll immodestly mention just a few of the items that got Ashton Tiffany noticed:

  • random acts of wackiness (we’ve also made strategic investments in zany shenanigans and good-natured ribbing);
  • weekly yoga sessions (because really, does anyone want to do yoga more than once a week?);
  • a Pop-a-Shot machine on site (so addictive, it’s now being studied by the CDC);
  • scooter races (crowds tend to gather at the legendary Parabolica corner); and
  • a free replacement mantra if you lose your original.

Yes, we joke...but we are genuinely gratified to have been acknowledged by the Top Companies program, and we’ll be working hard to get invited back next year. 

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