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January 06, 2017

Mike Tiffany and John Ashton launched this company as mere boys. In those early days, Ashton Tiffany was the risk management equivalent of a neighborhood lemonade stand. If you came to the AT offices—that is, if you approached John and Mike’s folding table at the end of the cul-de-sac—the risks they could help you with were simple, prosaic even: skinned knees, cooties, unequal Hot Wheels trades, etc.

Fast forward 40 years. Today, Ashton Tiffany is a risk management empire, as familiar and essential to the world’s inhabitants as air, sunlight, water, and pudding.

As you might imagine, the risks that Ashton Tiffany handles these days have grown a bit more sophisticated. You say you’ve got shallot supply chain challenges? We’ve got a gal who works on nothing else. You’re worried about the economic impact of Hungary’s off-year-elections? Our Hunga-relax™ product will put your mind at ease—at a surprisingly affordable price. You love swamp trekking, but you fear Skunk Apes? We’ve got good news for you: Skunk Apes don’t exist. (That one’s on the house.)

With such a diversity of risks to be managed, we’re required to maintain a stable full of highly variegated talent. Take these two new hires, for example, Jenna Arico and Jeremy Larson:

Jenna Arico and Jeremy LarsonJenna Arico and Jeremy Larson

Sure, they’re both photogenic, but check out these differences:

She works in health care. He works in accounting.

Her degree is in human services. His is in business administration.

Her favorite leisure activity is a spectator sport: watching football. His is participation-intensive: camping and hiking.

She thinks the best food in the world is pizza. He says it’s green curry. (Not to take sides, but wow is he wrong.)

Her favorite movie is Chicago. His is Interstellar.

The farthest she’s traveled is right next door, to Mexico. He’s been to 45 countries.

Yes, they’re as different as a Fig Newton and an elevator. But there’s one thing these two have in common: They wanted to come work with us. And for that, we consider ourselves a very lucky risk management firm.

Welcome, Jenna and Jeremy!