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December 22, 2016

If you enjoy this newsfeed, you may want to avert your eyes today. Why? Because if you read today’s entry, you’re going to see a side of us that you won’t like.

Before you go, though, let us try to make your brief visit worthwhile. Specifically, let us impart some knowledge about the application of a popular portmanteau: humblebrag.

Here’s the issue: There’s a difference between a brag and a humblebrag. Many of you do not understand that difference. Many of you, therefore, are misusing the latter term.

This is a brag: “I only date underwear models.”

This is a humblebrag: “I don’t seem to be able to attract anyone of substance. Lately, all of my dates have been with underwear models (weary sigh).”*

See the difference? The first example is a straight-up boast. The second example is also a boast, but it’s dressed in self-deprecatory garb—it’s a brag masquerading as an expression of humility. It is, in other words, a humblebrag.

Okay, now the teaching ends and the vile self-promotion begins.

A couple of weeks ago, for the ninth year running, Ashton Tiffany was named one of Phoenix’s “Best Places to Work” by the Phoenix Business Journal.

We are very, very proud of this, and are extremely gratified by the recognition.

We could stop there, and probably should, but here’s the thing: Since we got involved in the BPTW recognition process nine years ago, we are the only company in our category to finish in the Top 10 all nine years.

We are very proud of this, too. After all, it’s one thing to be a meteor, blazing across the night sky briefly, brilliantly…but then burning out. It’s another thing to be the frickin’ moon.

All right, enough of that. We’ll close, quickly, by saying thank you to the Business Journal, and thank you, especially, to Ashton Tiffany employees. They buy into our cockeyed worldview. They live it every day. They are the “best” in “Best Places to Work.”

*Apologies to our readers who model underwear and maintain a healthy side hustle in theoretical physics.

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