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A New Man for a New Age

December 09, 2016

If you’re old enough, you remember a time when there were no personal computers, no Internet, no smartphones.

Back then, if you needed to add a column of 10 or more numbers, you wrote them on a piece of paper, took that paper to the Mathematics Department at your local university, left a check for $5,000, and then went home and waited. A week or so later, you’d get a phone call. A voice would say, “Nine-hundred and six.” Then the line would go dead.

If you needed a restaurant review, you’d get in your car, drive to the restaurant, linger outside until a patron emerged, and then say, “So...?”

If someone invited you on a date and you didn’t want to go, you’d have to tell them, right to their face, “I’m sorry, I can’t. I’ve been named ambassador to Burkina Faso, and I ship out tonight.” (This could be punctuated by a crisp salute.) Then you’d have to avoid that person until they met someone else or died.

Those were dark days.

In all of the darkness, one man felt particularly lost: Michael Nieckula. He was born to do information technology, or IT...but he needed IT to be born, too, so that he could do it.

Well, technology eventually exploded, and Michael beheld the blast with joy. He and his bliss finally found each other, and are now working together happily under the roof at Ashton Tiffany.

Here’s Michael now:

Michael Nieckula